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Communicative English

acquiring speaking skills in English has become a necessity in this fast-paced world of advanced technology and tough competition.

Not everyone possesses the skill to communicate effortlessly with others. This is due to a lack of basic knowledge of English language skills and inhibition, to a great extent.

At SUNSEA, we ensure that the students are trained in an excellent way to elevate the level of communication skills of each student. With good 12 years of experience in the area and unparalleled expertise, it is confirmed that our “P.E.T.” method is foolproof and a 100% successful method.

The classes are designed according to the students’ needs. We help our students to flourish in their life with effective, beautiful, and stylish communication skills

Sunsea’s Methodology for Communicative English:

  • Our 12 years of experience
  • Our P.E.T methodology is a 100% guarantee to make you speak stylishly and confidently
  • Flexible timing as per the student’s wish and convenience
  • Completely different style of teaching
  • No 80 hours or 2 months batches like in other institutes. We offer unlimited classes till you can talk confidently.

The Unique Features of Sunsea

  • ISO: 9001:2008 quality standard certified for imparting quality training
  • Authorized Resource Centre for IELTS Examination Booking
  • Trained more than 4500 students in12 years
  • International Standard Coaching.
  • Test formats prepared by a team of experienced trainers of IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and GRE

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